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SeceuroGlide: High-Quality Rolling Garage Door Protection

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The SeceuroGlide range of attractive and high-quality garage doors feature a remote control and powered vertical opening. In addition, they are insulated, a big plus for garage installations. These also come with battery backup and, for maximum safety, a manual override. The backup battery enables seamless operation and remote control even if a power failure occurs.

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With SeceuroGlide Excel, even homeowners can take advantage of a security solution approved by police and the insurance industry. The product has been tested to the LPS 1175 burglary resistance standard. It can therefore withstand attacks for specified periods of time; the tests themselves were designed to mirror the common practices of burglars. The standard was drafted by the Loss Prevention Certification Board in the UK, supported by 16 leading law enforcement and insurance organizations.

Other recognitions include the Secured by Design Police Preferred Specification status. It is a flagship initiative specifically for crime prevention in the UK. SeceuroGlide and other products have been tested according to the provisions of the standard, found to reduce burglary by up to 50% with a 25% reduction in damage by criminals.[portfolio_slideshow id=207]